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Francesca Iannaccone illustration portrait
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I am an artist from London combining freelance illustration and product design with original works on wood and paper. I aim to make work that lights you up, adds interest to your space and draws you in to look closer. Considered yet playful. 

My work is available here on my website and in shops worldwide, from small independents to John Lewis and Urban Outfitters. 

Much of my work is also available for licensing. Clients include Flow Magazine, Breathe Magazine, Anthroplogie, American Greetings and Panera.  

An obsession with balance and quietness, combined with a soft, natural palette give my abstract prints a calm, meditative quality. 

I collect ceramics and I draw a lot of them; their curvy shapes and myriad of handles pleasing the interior stylist in me - arranging solitary objects into a balanced vignette. It led to my first collection of paintings, where clean lines and colour take precedence. 


With abstract collage I work more intuitively, playing with composition, butting shapes up to one another until I feel the perfect aesthetic resolution. The juxtaposition of delicacy and strength interests me, so I work with different papers, textures and finishes. New collections are added once or twice a year.


If you'd like to keep updated with everything happening in my studio, from new work and sale news to cultural inspiration, please join my art journal here.

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